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Dear Snow
Band EXO
Raiting PG
Pairing Luhan/Xiumin (minor: taohun/chanbaek)
Genre romance, low fantasy
Length 3 chapters; complete
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3
Warning English is not my native language. Also, I wrote this in 2013 so there're probably typos & other mistakes galore.
Disclaimer I own nothing but the plot and formulations. This is fiction.
Summary A sudden snow storm in the middle of August cools down Luhan, who has gone on vacation to get away from his roommate Sehun and his new lover Tao. Snow in August... it's something incredible, something magical.

This is a really old piece. It's one of the first fics I wrote in the exo fandom. For the sake of completeness I decided to repost it here (you can also find it on aff).
I'd be overjoyed to receive some feedback. Please note that this was written in 2013 and my writing style has changed some ever since...

“I will melt down and disappear when the snow is gone.”


Xiumin’s words echo in my head as I stare at him in pure shock, before I feel tears pricking in my eyes. “What… but why?” I breathe soundlessly. My heart was pounding in sweet excitement when I heard his confession and felt his lips on mine but his last words shattered those feelings and now my heart is filled with a bitter pain.

Xiumin presses his face into my chest and heaves a sigh before he dares to look at me again.

“You see... Luhan. I’m... I shouldn’t be here. I... the snow outside, the snow storm, the sudden weather change, the frost patterns on your window... that all is my fault. That’s all-” He hesitates and looks at me with fear and even more tears in his eyes “That’s all me. I’m a snow prince. My father is the winter.”


I look at him, squinting a bit as if I was searching for something in his eyes and I’m grateful he doesn’t avert his gaze again. “How come you never told me before?”

I ask slowly. The boy shrugs before he sniffs. “I was afraid you wouldn’t believe me...” He answers honestly then and purses his lips. And I – the fool – can’t help but smile again though it’s a bitter smile. “Why should I don’t trust your words when I already gave you my heart and soul?”

My gaze gets soft and I look at him fondly while I circle my arms around his torso. Xiumin just sighs and snuggles up to me.

“Don’t be sad, Luhan... I will talk my dad into letting me live my life as a human. I want to be with you. It will take some time but I will come back to you. I promise.”

I look down on him and swallow my fear and sorrow before a smile finds it way on my features again and I cup his face lovingly and rub our noses against each other. He starts to giggle and I’m happy to hear this sound.

I don’t want to see him cry anymore.

I don’t want us to part in tears but with the happiness of the memories we shared here.

And that is what I tell him, whispering it in his ears what makes him giggle even more because my breath is tickling in his neck.


I cover his face in butterfly kisses and we share our first deep kiss before Xiumin pulls away, his cheeks flushing pink. I laugh at him fondly and he pouts while I wonder that I have never seen him this much human. His skin color isn’t pearl white anymore and his hair shimmers more brownish in the light of the fire place.

“Is that how you’ll look like?” I gasp excited and Xiumin giggles – oh how I love this sound.

“Yeah... I guess.”

I smile. “You are gorgeous.”

We spend the night cuddled up on the couch and when I wake up the next morning fear rushes through my veins when I can’t sense the boy next to me. Is he already gone!?

I sit up straight and look around frantically.

“Xiumin!?” I call out nervously and walk through the hut to the kitchen and over to my bedroom but I can’t find him anywhere until my searching looks fall on the ladder that leads to the attic.

I immediately rush up and there he is.

I sigh relieved and walk up to him. The boy’s looking out of a huge window, hidden in a big blanket. He looks as engaged as he was when I saw him the first time. I hem and he looks up surprised before he starts to smile when he sees me.
“Hey... you are awake?” I ask and remember immediately how I said those words to him the first time.

He bites down on his lips before he moves his head to the window to make me look outside.

“Look. I can see the green peaks of the trees from here. It’s too cold for me to go outside now...”

I nod and sit down behind him. I pull the blanket from him and wrap it around the both of us, after I pulled Xiumin on my lap.

He smiles contently and leans on me, sighing.

I interlace our fingers with each other and sigh just like he did before.

“How much time is left?” I ask in a low voice while we watch the sun dawning.

“A few hours... maybe.” He says in a whisper.

I can feel how weak his body got. He plays with our fingers and I nuzzle my nose into the crook of his neck while we look outside where the sun slowly spreads its rays and the remaining white areas gleam and shine.


I’m at ease now. I feel the bitter fact creeping in my mind, the knowledge that he’ll be gone soon. But present is just the beautiful tingling inside of me because I can hold him close and feel his fingers enlacing with mine, his even breath... his scent, his soft hair, his everything.

“I love you...” I whisper into his hair and Xiumin turns around.

He smiles at me and his eyes literally sparkle in the morning sun. “Please don’t forget me... Luhan.”
He whispers and I can’t help but grin.
“How could I? I will wait for you...” Xiumin interrupts me, planting a kiss on my cheeks and lips before he chuckles.

“I think it’s time...” he whispers then and breaks loose from my embrace.

I straighten up and nod while a plaintive feeling slowly flows through my body.

“OK.” I whisper before I look around to find the comforter I lend Xiumin all the days we spend outside. “Here. It will keep you warm.” I say with a low voice, trying my hardest not to cry while I adjust the cloth around his neck and press a last kiss on the lips of the boy.

He opens the window and glances up at me, his heart warming smile preset on his pouty lips. I see how he nuzzles his nose into the cloth of the ringed shawl until suddenly a harsh breeze fills the attic and takes him away.

. . .

I see how Baekhyun rushes over to me and pulls me in a tight hug. I hear myself laugh at how he’s freaking out in joy because he apparently missed me oh so much. But I honestly don’t think I’m really there – with them.

My thoughts just revolve around Xiumin.

Chanyeol welcomes me with a warm hug, too and my facial expression changes to surprise when I spot Sehun and Tao. The Chinese boy is waving at me already while my ex still hasn’t spotted me yet.

I laugh and it feels good to see them. Finally!

But still my thoughts are up with my snow prince and I catch myself over and over again wondering how he would like it here. How he would react to my crazy set of friends. What he would want to order for dinner when we gather up in a Pizza restaurant because they want to celebrate my safe return (and the end of summer).


The new semester in university starts and I become closer friends with Tao. We both seem to have a few topics we can talk about... and life pretty much goes its way. But still I feel like I would be sitting on an island, just watching the others living their life and the events are flowing by one by one without me really participating. I’m waiting for Xiumin.

Not once do I think about it but even if I was I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to forget him. I dream of our time at the deeryard; how we spend the evenings, playing cards or how he watched the dancing flames in the chimney.

He’s everywhere in my head but the loneliness is better than the one I felt before I met him.


It’s getting colder again in November when Sehun tells me that he and Tao plan to move together.

A fact I congratulate and appreciate (because I just can’t get used to half naked models sitting at the kitchen table where I can see the scratching marks on their back and I won’t get used to the... disturbing noises at night either).

I live alone for half a month before I decide to search for a new flat mate. The flat is perfect for two people, has good transport connections and I spend more than 2 ½ years here – there is no way I would want to leave that flat.


The Taohun couple has invited themselves over in the first December week. We are sitting in the living room while Tao is completely engaged in a fashion magazine; Sehun leans his back on his boyfriend and is playing a game on his Nintendo but I just stare out of the window.

It’s snowing since morning and my thoughts are particularly glued to the boy I’m missing so much.

“Xiumin...” I mumble before I heave a sigh. Tao squints over to me for a bare second before he concentrates on the article he’s reading again.

I was able to make up an excuse for that name that slips over my lips ever so often, telling him that Xiumin was a boy I met on vacation... I remember how he wiggled his eyebrows, asking if it was a onetime thing...

In the end I can imagine that he pities me, thinking I fell in love with a one nightstand and am lovesick now. But I don’t care.


The sound of the door bell interrupts my thoughts and my head spins around. Even Sehun looks up from his lame game.

“Do you have guests coming over?” Tao asks as I walk over to the passage that connects the hallway with the living room to answer the bell. “Baekhyun and Chanyeol maybe?” he suggests but I shake my head.

“Nope. They make a trip to Baekhyun’s parents...” - the counter of his boyfriend who is fixed to his game again.

I shake my head again while approaching the door.

When I open it, I freeze.


There is a boy standing in front of me, a little shorter than me, with big eyes, a pointy nose and cute, pouty lips. He has brownish hair - hidden under a knitted hat, covered with powdery snow. They frame the boyish face and its round cheeks.

“Hello. I’m Kim Minseok. I heard you are searching for a new roommate.”

He smiles a soft smile. Endearing, enchanting.

He giggles nervously and hides his blushing face in a ringed comforter when he can’t earn any reaction from me. I just stare at him – taken aback, my jaw proverbially dropping to the floor while my heart beat speeds up rapidly.


“Xiumin.” I breathe, still standing in the door.

He snickers and steps closer to me. “I told you I will come back...” He whispers and I snap.

I pull the boy into the flat and close the door hastily, before my arms are slung around the other tightly already again. I burry my face in his shoulder and take a deep breath, feeling how he slowly puts his arms around my back as well and pulls himself closer in my embrace.

“I missed you so much...” I whisper as my voice betrays me and I feel tears stinging in my eyes.

Xiumin pulls away a bit, his eyes a bit watery too when he looks me in the eyes, a shaky sigh leaving his lips.

“Me, too, Luhan...”

He buries his face in my chest, rubbing his nose on the cloth of my pullover affectionately. “I’m sorry it took me so long... but I had to wait for the first snow to get me here.”


I bite my lip – because I really don’t want to cry again, now when Xiumin is finally here and I wipe away both – his and my tears gently.
“Don’t feel sorry for keeping me waiting. Now you are here.”

He beams and interlaces our fingers for a short moment before he tiptoes and our noses collide.

He blushes about his failed attempt to kiss me but I don’t let him avert his gaze embarrassedly but cup his face with my hands and connect our lips after what feels like an eternity.

Hot blood is rushing through my veins and my stomach starts to tingle as if a merry-go-around was installed in there.

Xiumin – or do I have to call him Minseok now? – pulls apart for a few seconds to breath but then he presses his lips on mine again and we close our eyes, the roundabout in my guts starting another round until we just can’t help but end up in a passionate, deep kiss.


When we break apart, I finally realize that I completely forgot about the other two people sitting in my living room.

I laugh and Minseok snickers while I take his hat off his head and hang up his coat. Afterwards I find some slippers for him.

I take his hand when we enter the living room and Sehun stares at me with wide eyes – red as a tomato while Tao’s grinning widely though he tries to act like he’s still reading.

I sigh, a bit flustered. They spied on us and they couldn’t make it more obvious.

I hem after squeezing our entangled hands to reassure the boy next to me and Tao looks up from the journal that is lying upside down on his lap.

“This is Xium- Minseok, my new flat mate and boyfriend.”


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