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Dear Snow
Band EXO
Raiting PG
Pairing Luhan/Xiumin (minor: taohun/chanbaek)
Genre romance, low fantasy
Length 3 chapters; complete
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3
Warning English is not my native language. Also, I wrote this in 2013 so there're probably typos & other mistakes galore.
Disclaimer I own nothing but the plot and formulations. This is fiction.
Summary A sudden snow storm in the middle of August cools down Luhan, who has gone on vacation to get away from his roommate Sehun and his new lover Tao. Snow in August... it's something incredible, something magical.

This is a really old piece. It's one of the first fics I wrote in the exo fandom. For the sake of completeness I decided to repost it here (you can also find it on aff).
I'd be overjoyed to receive some feedback. Please note that this was written in 2013 and my writing style has changed some ever since...

Yes. There is a boy lying in the snow.



He has incredibly pale, almost white skin and his dark hair frames a round, boyish face. He has a cute pointy nose and pouty lips. He looks so young…

I purse my lips and slowly reach out to touch his round cheek. He honestly looks like a child and he’s death cold.

I wide my eyes again and press my head on his chest in the hope to sense his heartbeat.

Relief rushes over me when I can hear it pounding softly.

“Thank God…” I mumble before I circle my arms around the boy’s torso to pull him off the ground and on my arms.


I make a big step to not trip over the groceries on my way in the living room, before I lay him down on the couch – in front of the chimney. I pull a blanket over him and straighten up to get the bags inside and close the door. The snow fall is becoming stronger again and I sigh warily. I’m still not sure what I should do now but a smile creeps on my lips when I can hear a faint sigh on the couch and watch the golden light from the fire place warm up the pretty boy’s face.

All my mind is way to enchanted by his appearance that there is simply no space left to ask myself how this boy could lay in the snow, wearing nothing more than a white T-Shirt and shorts and is still just sleeping peacefully.

Neither do I ask myself why he laid in front of my house or how he even got there.


The merciless beeping of the water kettle tears apart the peaceful silence and pulls me out of my deep thoughts.

I whirl around and hurry into the kitchen where I stifle a wail of pain because I hit my knee on the edge of the counter. Man, you are genius, Luhan!

After I stomached the pain I prepare tea but my thoughts still revolve around the sleeping boy on the couch.

Who is he? How did he found my hut? From where is he? There are so many questions in my head and also the question how to ask about all the things I want to know so badly.

I set the tablet with the tea down on the coffee table and heave a sigh. I adjust the end of the blanket around his naked feet, before I sit down on the edge of the settee.

My gaze lingers on the boy again, how the light of the fire plays in his shiny hair, how the shadows shape his soft features. I’m enchanted. He’s marvelous.


After what seems like eternity I loosen my look and watch the flames in the chimney instead. The warmth and also the tea make me sleepy so that I don’t even realize how I slowly slip into a calm slumber.

My head shots up and my eyes fly open when I feel like falling face first for a short moment. The room is swallowed by darkness by now and I’m sure I slept at least two hours straight.

I rub my eyes and my gaze wanders over to the boy on the couch but he is no longer there.

I feel my heartbeat speed up in a short moment of panic before I recognize his small figure in front of a window.

He’s sitting on a chair and stares outside. His white skin almost seems to gleam in the fade moonlight… like porcelain. He’s just sitting there, drawing patterns on the cold window, using his finger. He’s so engaged with it that he startles up when I start to whisper after I stopped behind him.

“Hey… you are awake?”

That wasn’t exactly what I wanted to say but he counters with a shy smile.


“I guess.” His small voice answers before he stands up and smoothes out the shirt he’s wearing. He smiles again before he walks over to the fireplace again and sits down on the couch, where he grabs the mug of tea and sips a bit. He then turns his attention back to me. I can hear him chuckle before he taps on the place next to him. “Come here. I want to see your eyes.”

I hesitate for a moment but I do as he wants and sit down next to him.

“I’m sorry… your tea is already cold. I will make new one.” I ramble after I glanced at the cup in his hands.

The boy starts to laugh and shakes his head. “It’s OK. I like cold drinks… but the fire was nice. Can you make a new one?”

He draws circles around the rim of his mug a bit nervously but I just smile and nod.


“Tell me… what is your name?”

“Luhan. And yours?”
I look up from the floor I’m currently sitting on to fuel the fire. The boy looks at me for a while then he averts his gaze and searches around the room. I just wait.

“It’s Xiumin… I guess.”

He answers even softer than all the words he has spoken till now. The last part of his answer confuses me but I decide against pressing him on it because he seems to be kind of uncomfortable with it.

“I’m from Seoul… spending some time of my summer break here.” I try to change the subject, while turning back to the fire.

“I was really surprised when it started snowing and then I found you... Do you want to call someone? There sure is someone who worries about you, eh?”

I look around again – great. You just hit the wrong spot again, Luhan!

Xiumin’s look is wandering through the room once more and he remains silent. “No. Actually there is no one I could call. But don’t worry...”

He pauses and furrows his brows in concentration, before he adds “I’m basically 23. It’s OK if I’m out on my own... But thanks for taking me with you.”

Again: this smile. I’m not sure if it’s sad or just so soft, that I almost become afraid the next wisp of wind could blow it out of his face. Either way it’s a beautiful, mysterious smile and I can’t help but find me wishing to make Xiumin smile over and over again.


I sigh satisfied when the fire is finally crackling again and dips the room in a warm halo. Xiumin is engaged in his mug of cold tea and I just watch him for a few seconds, before I get myself to start another conversation.

“You actually don’t need to thank me for taking you with me. I couldn’t just let you lay there in the snow... I was worried you froze to death already when I found you.”

I skip the question of how he even ended up sleeping there because I have the vague feeling, this would be another question he wouldn’t answer.

Xiumin giggles into his cup. “I don’t freeze so easily. It may appear strange to others but I never was cold in the snow... I like it a lot, though I never saw anything else. I guess that’s why I came here. I hoped I could see the summer meadows.”

I hear a bitter laugh erupting from his throat “Seems like I had bad luck with that.”


We fall in silence again. But it’s no longer awkward.

Xiumin watches the flames dance behind the glass front of the chimney and I – pretty much – watch him, after assuring him that he can stay at my hut with me as long as he wants.

Maybe the weather will change again and then he can see the green grass and the flowers.

It really seems to mean a lot to him because I still remember how his eyes started to gleam when I told him about it.

I catch myself yawning for the nth time and Xiumin giggles when I notice how he watches me out of the corners of his eyes.

“Let’s go to sleep, OK?”

He suggests with a soft voice then and gets up. I blink at him when he stays still in front of me before he pulls me up. “You should sleep in your bedroom. If you fall asleep sitting on the settee again, you’ll get back pain.”

He has a point there and his soothing voice convinces me a second time.

“You are alright with the couch for now?” I ask tiredly but Xiumin just chuckles and pushes me gently into my room.

“Good night, Luhan.” is the last thing he says before he closes the door again and I can hear him walking back to the spot in front of the fire place.

. . .


We spend the next few days inside. The snow is getting thicker and thicker and won’t stop falling. You can’t see anything a mere foot away from you and the wind is chilling cold.

I try my best not to get carried away by the apocalyptic mood. Instead we spend the days cooking, playing cards and talking... most of the time I’m the one talking but it appears to me that Xiumin is a person that loves to listen. I tell him that I’m originally from China and how I went to South Korea to study and also how I met my friends and also Sehun in my first year in Seoul. I talk about the struggle and fears I had once I arrived at my new home. How the landlord was a bastard and I couldn’t afford the rent anymore next to my studies and the jobbing. I tell him how Sehun and I decided to become flat mates and how I ended up falling in love with him. I even tell him how our relationship fell apart and how we broke up and also how Sehun introduced Tao to me. How lonely I suddenly felt and how much I wished to feel the same happiness again that those two share. How I fear nothing more than getting jealous and that I came here to sort out my mind and my feelings.

I don’t even know why I tell him about my whole life but he is listening devotionally, as if I would read a fairy tale to him.

I swear I never talked so much about myself. Especially not with someone I barely know but in the pit of my stomach it feels right to do exactly this.


One evening Xiumin suddenly speaks himself.

“I have a really overprotective father. You know... I always had everything I could think of. At least I thought so.”

He smiles, still in his thoughts and plays around with his mug – as he always does when he’s nervous or dreamy – “But after all the stories you told me... I almost feel like my whole existence was empty and cold till now.”

His voice dies down with the end of the sentence and he hangs his head.

“What? No wait Xiumin.”
I pat his shoulder comforting. “Look Xiumin, everyone experience different things in a lifetime and I’m sure your life till now wasn’t that empty at all. You sure remember your first date in high school or how you tried to cheat in a test in math class, right?” But Xiumin just shakes his head and he leans against me. “No. There is nothing like that. And just now I realized that I actually missed all this the whole time.” His voice is so soft by now, I’m afraid it will break and he’ll tear up every second. I close my arms around the small body and press him closer in my embrace to comfort him.

“It’s OK...” I try to sooth him. A sigh shakes his body before he peers up at me through big sad eyes
“I want to make memories like that, Luhan.”

I bit my lips and stroke his hair. “I’m sure you will.”

Again I drag my fingers through his hair soothingly and start to rock back and forth. “I promise.”


The next morning the snow flurry has calmed down and the sun shines again. It’s so bright and cold that my eyes hurt in the bright reflections and when I breathe in deeply it almost feels like the air freezes inside of my nose.

The snow reaches up to my hip at least now and the white crystals are covered by a hard layer you can walk on... or at least Xiumin can.

I watch him in awe how he runs over the snow as if it was a fresh meadow while I am stuck because my weight made the surface break.

After I woke him for breakfast and gave him some clothes of mine we left the house. There was nothing that kept us to stay inside and I had the feeling the sun and fresh air would string up the mood.

My feeling proves to be right at least this time. The dark haired boy runs around and yells in joy like a playing child, while the scarf I gave him flies around violently because he moves so much.

He pants when he pauses in front of me and reaches out his hands to pull me out of the puddle of snow I am stuck in.

I’m surprised by his strength and look at him with wide eyes but he just laughs.

“Do you think the animals in the forest are alright with the sudden snow and after this snow storm the past days?”

He pouts concerned. I shrug. “I guess?” I answer then, though I’m not even sure what I’m talking about right now.

Suddenly Xiumin pulls at my wrist and starts to drag me in a direction that leads to the woods.

“Let’s check on them then!”

I blink dumbfounded.



We find a deeryard that just got filled by a ranger or something and Xiumin beams in excitement when he recognizes the tracks in the snow. I catch myself smiling at his cute antics. I’m smiling like a damn fool.

“See. I told you they will be alright.” I comment while I kneel down beside the boy who’s creeping on the ground to pick up corns and grains for the birds.

“You are right. I’m happy I didn’t make them suffer.”

Xiumin mumbles but before I can think about his words any longer he hands some of the feed to me – and I swear – the next scene is from a freaking Disney movie! Slowly but surely all kinds of small birds are alighting around us to pick up the grains. I watch the scene in front of me speechless and look surprised at Xiumin, when a sparrow lands on my stretched arm. The boy giggles while one of the small animals lands on his head. On his head!

I just stare at him while he continues to whisper nonsense to the small creatures that land on his hands and shoulders so naturally. He smiles warmly at them and strokes their tiny heads gently and I can’t help but look at him with affection in my eyes; fascinated – enchanted. I feel my heart skipping a beat.


We wander through the woods on the way back and Xiumin chatters around like an excited teenage girl. He’s adorable.

“I’m happy no sparrow sat down on your head... I mean, you already freaked out when they sat on your arm and – haha. You should have seen your face!” He laughs at me and I can’t help but start to chuckle, too.

“But you looked like a Disney princess!” I exclaim and Xiumin puffs out his cheeks in protest. “But I’m not a girl. I’m a boy. So I would be a prince!”

He giggles and I just smile at him. “OK. Then you are a prince now.” I add softly and Xiumin stops in his movements and looks at me surprised. “What?”

I grin and bend down to grab a hand full of snow before I lift it up and put it on his head. His jaw drops.

“There. Now you are a snow prince.” I laugh while he continues to stare at me.

I blink after a few moments because he’s still frozen on the spot and starring at me as if I just grew me a second head.

“Ehm Xiumin?” I hesitate before I brush down the snow from his head and ruffle through his hair.

“This was a joke.”

His features relax immediately before he fakes a laugh and looks up at me apologetically afterwards while he grabs the hand that still lies on his head.

“Sorry. I didn’t get it.”

He’s special.


We spend the following days discovering the snowy landscapes and it’s almost as if Xiumin lets me forget about all the grudge and fear I ever felt. Actually I feel like I forget everything when I look into his eyes.

This boy invaded my senses, my soul and my heart like the frost patterns spread over the windows of my hut: with graze and oh so naturally that it feels sudden when I finally realize it. That they are there – that my heart is beating fast for him and it feels like butterflies are making a ruckus inside my ribcage whenever I see him smile.

It’s weird how all those feelings come back to me now. How I find everything he does endearing. How I adore his everything. I may sound like I am a pathetic fool but I really don’t care anymore as long as I can see him, just him.


The sun gets stronger again and the snow begins to melt. The frost patterns on the windows are gone and it gets warmer again. But my look is full of concern because since that morning Xiumin is feeling sick.

He breaks into shivers and says he’s cold. I sigh when I sit down next to him and wrap the blanket more tightly around him. “Thanks...” he whispers when I hand him a mug with cold tea. Ironically is that the thing that warms him up...

I stroke over his forehead gently before I press a kiss on it – too deep in thoughts to actually realize what I did but Xiumin just smiles. “I hope you’ll get well soon again. The sun is shining and soon you’ll be able to see the grass and the flowers.” I whisper “That is what you wanted to see, don’t you?”


He smiles at me fondly. “You remember that?”

I can’t help but chuckle slightly “Of course I do.” I reply while driving my fingers through his hair after he changed his position and is now lying with his head on my lap. “You wanted to see the fresh grass and the colorful flowers, how they spread their subtle scent in the air and draw patterns on the wide meadows.”

I look down on him again and gasp shocked when I see how Xiumin is smiling through his tears. He is crying!

Tears trickle down his cheeks but he just keeps looking up at me, smiling. He is smiling his sad, mysterious, endearing, marvelous smile.


“I didn’t think it would get so cold before I can see it.”

He whispers before he moves his arms in an attempt to wipe his tears away. He snivels heartbreakingly.

I feel my chest tightening and bite my lips. “You know… after all I’m not meant to see all of this. But I wanted it so badly. I wanted to be here, down on Earth and I wanted to see your eyes looking at me. Like that. Like right now. I’m pretty selfish, eh? Putting the way of the world and its seasons at risk.” He sobs again and I rock him gently after I pulled him in an embrace though I don’t understand anything of the things he says.

“I was so shocked when you called me a snow prince. I thought you found out.” He whispers and he pulls away to look me in the eyes though his gaze is still swimming in tears.

“But you didn’t care. You just took me as I was. You just like me for who I am.” He smiles fondly again and I feel how our noses rub against each other.

“I love you so much for that, Luhan.” Xiumin whispers. My heart starts to run, like it is aiming to win a marathon when he closes his eyes and presses his salty lips on mine.


“I will melt down and disappear when the snow is gone.”

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