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Title The Panda and the Phantom
Band EXO
Raiting PG
Pairing Kris/Tao
Genre romance, comedy(?)
Length oneshot; 3169 words
Warning English is not my native language.
Disclaimer I own nothing but the plot and formulations. This is fiction.
Summary Seven minutes in heaven is a teenagers' party game.

  • Two people are selected to go into a closet or other dark enclosed space and do whatever they like for seven minutes.

  • Sexual activities are allowed; however kissing and making out are more common.

  • Variations on the game expand the time allowed to any reasonable short period up to 5 hours.

  • The participants can be selected by various methods, such as spinning a bottle, or drawing lots.

„I don’t think this is a good idea…“
I stated with obvious concern in my voice but the small blonde guy shushed me and continued to arrange my hair.
Luhan wasn’t above pulling my hair rather harshly in the directions he wanted it to stay and I flinched but he acted merciless before I could hear him chuckle satisfied. He finally turned the chair I was sitting on so I could face myself in the mirror.
I blinked.
He chuckled again and looked at me excited – obviously waiting for a bone-crashing thank-you-hug.
I felt like cracking some bones, but not out of gratitude to be exact.
My hair was a fluffy mess, my face was soaked in makeup – though it looked surprisingly good I didn’t approve – and on top of it, he attached big soft bear-ears to my head.
The tip of my nose was black.
“I look like a panda.” I stated the obvious and Luhan squealed in pure joy.
“Yes! And you look so super duper fluffy and cute!”

No. No was one of those words my gege tended to turf out of his word pool sometimes. Today was obviously one of these times.
Actually that was the main reason I was on that party now.
I didn’t like parties. I wasn’t the guy to go on parties. I was calm and rather shy… but Luhan seemed to turf out this too.
Now he was clinging on one of his friend’s arms - a kid called Sehun in a mummy costume – swaying his traitorous butt for reasons I preferred not to question – which made the attached tail of his cat costume swing as well.
I knew that there were reasons I actually said I was willing to go to that Halloween party… but the sole thought made me all uneasy. I had a crush one on of the school’s famous guys… who happened to be on that party too and my friends somehow planned to get us closer. I had my reasons to doubt their success. They were simple: He didn’t even know my name, maybe not even about my existence and I was mute like a stone when it came to approach someone.
There was no way he’d talk to me.

This was what I stated to my friend Xiumin with a whiny tone. But he just chuckled. “You know Luhan… “
“Yeah. He’s outrageous… I mean. Look at me! This is entirely his fault.”
The brown haired laughed again and took a sip of his drink.
“But you look so cute in that teddy costume, Tao!”
I growled and rolled my eyes.
“It’s a panda. A killer-panda!” I exclaimed in a childish voice and pointed at the cloth-made claws Luhan attached to the sleeves of my top, whose tips where red in order to let it appear bloody… at least a bit.
But Minseok just continued to laugh.
“Hey Panda-boy. Black Cat Luhan was searching for you.”
I looked up and when I realized who it was I shot the boy a glare.
But Jongin just laughed loud like Minseok had done before. He started to unknot his Vampire costume’s cloak before he got himself a drink.
I didn’t move and he rolled his eyes before he grasped my arm and took me with him, ignoring my loud protest.
No matter what Luhan wanted from me, I was not going to do it. Never.

OK. I have to admit that I never was the strong-willed type of guy.
And my ‘never’s’ rarely kept at least half as long, as they were meant to be… plus the sudden presence of so many people I didn’t know made me insecure and Luhan knew that. He knew me.
Way too well actually.
To cut a long story short: I found myself right where at least Luhan wanted me to be.
I sat on the ground, surrounded by other costumed people, in the middle between Luhan and Sehun, when the cat cleared his throat rather loudly to get everyone’s attention, before he started to play around with a big empty bottle in his hands.
I paled and my stomach dropped to the floor.
“What would a party be without some spin-the-bottle-games?”
His grin got wider and wider while he squinted to me. I felt cold sweat running down my spine and began starring at the ground, while the blonde small devil continued to explain his hellish game.
My attention was caught by a person who sat in the circle, almost across from me.
Phantom of the Opera… with a mask and a cloak, which looked at least thousand times better than the one Jongin was wearing.
I gulped and directed my gaze to Sehun who grinned at me before whispering something in my ear, setting my face on fire.
“So you finally spotted who is here for you?”
It was him! He was really here!? I couldn’t actually believe it… also because I now realized how long he had looked at me… my finger tips started to tingle and I bit my lip when Luhan spun the bottle the first time to decide who was going to start.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the game after a girl from the cheerleader club got up at first to disappear in a nearby closet – together with a guy I didn’t know either.
I was confused and Sehun grinned before he explained all that stuff Luhan said again, because I wasn’t paying attention back then.
“We are playing 7 minutes in Heaven.”
I blinked again and I could read in his face that he was surprised – surprised because I knew so little. Because I basically didn’t know anything about any strange party game.
But he didn’t explain but left me pouting like a little child, who didn’t know the smallest thing about all their strange rituals and things. To be quite honest; I felt embarrassed and vulnerable and I didn’t like it.
I looked up and saw how Jongin got up and sat next to a small doe-eyed boy, who blushed madly and fiddled with his fingers nervously, before he stiffened suddenly when Kai grabbed the back of his head and pressed their lips together for a short moment.
He broke apart, licking his lips seductively before he returned to his seat. They decided to play ‘ordinary spin-the-bottle’ within the seven minutes they had to wait for them to leave the closet and I just realized then that I had stopped breathing. I was embarrassed and looked away again. The small boy reminded me so much of myself (despite the fact that I didn’t want and hopefully never have to kiss Jongin) that I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

I snapped out of my trance when everyone around freaked out. They started to bawl and clap their hands, while Luhan crawled over my lap what made me almost jerk in shock, before he placed himself on my other neighbor’s lap with an approving meow.
I stared at them with wide eyes, as Sehun cupped the kittie’s face and approached his face with his lips… but Luhan was faster and snapped at the mummy’s lips possessively and they ended up kissing passionately, no, aggressively. They were literally eating each other’s faces up and though I had to admit that it made me feel all tingly inside… I wasn’t that sure anymore if I wanted to kiss anyone. Ever.
The both broke apart and the game continued, two other couples disappeared in the closet but I didn’t pay much attention to who was kissing who.
I looked at the Phantom shyly sometimes, catching a glimpse or two but most of the time I spaced out, thinking about everything possible… I still didn’t know exactly what was going on with those who were locked in the closet.
Did they kiss? Or did they even do… more?
My lips got dry and I flushed furiously when strange pictures showed up in my mind and I started to shake my head rather harshly, to prevent this arousing slide-show to go on.
It was Sehun who distracted me this time.

I looked at him puzzled and he laughed low, before I felt how he pressed something against my leg. My stomach dropped – again – and I felt how my features derailed.
I looked around – everyone stared at me and I could see how Luhan grinned. The closet was open. I… I was the next.
I felt like passing out right in that moment, but god wasn’t merciful today and I just realized how much he actually hated me when the bottle I had to spin slowed down more and more… and stopped facing no one else but the Phantom.
The blonde cat next to me leaped in excitement and pulled me on my feet, before he dragged me in the dark small place, the tall man followed before the door was closed and locked…
And I was pressed against a slightly muscular chest of a really, really good looking man.
I blinked and bit my lip, before I tried to push him away a bit.
I heard how he collided with the wooden side of the closet, before he began to chuckle. I held my breath.
His voice was different than I imagined, but I liked it.
It was calm but stirred me up inside. I blushed as he leaned in closer again, but he stopped, when he realized that I avoided looking at him.
I heard him sigh and saw in the corners of my eyes, how he drove his hands through his hair.
It was dark inside the closet, but my eyes got used to the lack of light fast and now I was able to – at least – recognize outlines of him.
“And… and what are we doing now?”
I was shocked hearing my own voice without me actually wanting to say something.
My opponent started to grin and I gasped startled, when his warm hand touched my chin and he started to caress my cheeks.
“I’m sure you know what they want us to do…”
It wasn’t exactly a reply, but his words left me speechless and with a heated face anyway, while I bit my lip and dropped my look to the floor. But I nodded slowly.
I heard him chuckle soundlessly and I had to admit that it sounded really hot, but I didn’t dare to move anymore.
The Phantom in front of me pulled me closer and wrapped his other arm around my waist.
“Then… Maybe we should just do what they think we are doing…”
His voice lingered in my ears, as he gripped my chin lovingly and pulled my face closer until our breaths mixed up and our lips touched.

I pulled back immediately and pressed my lips together embarrassed, but the masked young man just laughed. It wasn’t a mocking laugh. Not like Xiumin or Jongin had laughed about my costume… it was different.
“It’s your first kiss? Sorry… I’ll take it slow now.”
My eyes widened when I felt his warm lips touching mine again before I shut my eyes closely.
This time I let him kiss me longer than before and it was actually just now that I realized how… stunning it felt.
How amazing I felt and how my stomach started to tingle like it was filled with butterflies.
I could feel how my opponent’s lips curled up in the kiss, but he was way too skilled to break it just because of that. He continued and our lips started to move against each other.
I gasped loudly when he let me and I could feel his throat vibrating when he chuckled again.
“Don’t stop breathing… I don’t want to kiss you senseless yet.”
We broke apart and I finally had the guts to look up in his face… it was half masked though and the white surface made it even harder to actually see his eyes behind it… on the other hand he didn’t let me much time to try.
I felt his body moving against mine. He pressed me against one of the side walls of the closet and I felt how his hands grasped mine and pressed them against the wood too. I stiffened, but I couldn’t deny that it was thrilling to feel our fingers intertwining and how our lips clashed again.
The Phantom captured my lower lip between his and sucked on it.
I felt how his tongue stroke gently over the lower part he sucked on before and my body reacted alone.
I swear - I never did this before but it didn’t matter anymore. My body just reacted. I just reacted to him and without noticing, I found myself replying to his tongue with my own wet muscle, feeling them circle each other, before his pushed forward again, discovering my mouth cavity.

“Time is up! Go, Shush. If you want to continue, you are free to leave the game!” I pulled back abruptly and hit my head on the wooden wall behind me. I flinched, but didn’t dare to look at Luhan, who was grinning like a maniac.
The Phantom let go of one of my hands before we left the closet.
Everyone was starring at us and I tried to hide my crimson cheeks behind his cloak.
“Let’s get something to drink.”
He muttered and I was grateful, I didn’t have to return to the game.
We stood at the bar for a few minutes and I couldn’t help, but smiled when he treated me.
“So I’m the teddie’s first?”
He chuckled, but my features turned serious and my lips formed a pout.
“I’m a panda. A killer panda! Rawr!”
I lifted the meant-to-be-bloody sleeves and snarled.
“Tao, the panda-boy. OK.”
I looked at him with wide eyes. “I didn’t know you know my name!”
My voice got a bit higher, because I was surprised and it was embarrassing… but I tried not to care.
 “Of course I know your name. I’m the Phantom of the Opera…”
He swung his cloak and hid his face to emphasize his words, but I just burst out laughing.
“You look more like a bad vampire with that sleeve over your face.”

He laughed too and we started to goof around, until his cell phone interrupted us.
He sighed and rolled his eyes before he loosed his grip around my waist. He shot me a short grin, even winked at me, before he picked up the call and distanced himself a bit.
I smiled and my heart was fluttering happily.
He was actually flirting with me…I couldn’t even believe it. I was smiling dreamy and played around with the glass in my hand, before the rest of my drink was spilled over my shoes.
“Oh Tao! I’m sorry!”
It was Sehun and he seemed upset.
“I’m so sorry… also because of your crush… I didn’t think he’d make out with you and go to get a girl then…”
I blinked and turned my head to see the Phantom I spend the last two hours with still talking on his phone, glancing over to me playfully from time to time.
“Eh? But he’s over there...”
I shifted my head in the direction the Phantom stood and Sehun paled.
It was the first time I saw him like that.
“Uhm… but Tao… your… your crush is over there. With that girl.”
He pointed his finger over to another part of the big location and I blinked in confusion.
He was right. There was the tall guy dancing with a girl, both in vampire costumes.

I thought I’d be upset; my friends made me kiss a stranger… I thought I’d be shocked and get mad, be disappointed, but I just shrugged it off; smiling a bit stiff, but that was it.
The blonde guy in front of me shifted nervously.
“Oh. You know… it’s OK. I have a better crush now anyway.”
I laughed cheeky and stick my tongue out to Sehun who laughed – obviously relieved before he left again – searching for Luhan.
“Was that one of your friends?”
I heard a well known voice and nodded.
“He was asking who you are…” I turned around to face the tall man, whose blonde hair caught my attention just now and he grinned at me.
“You want to know too?”
I nodded honestly and he smiled at me.
“I’ll tell you.”
He leaned in to whisper in my ear and I chuckled, because of the tingling sensation.
“… under one condition.”
I looked at him confused, but he just smiled and started to stroke my hair lovingly.
“I’ll tell you if I can walk you home.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I smiled shyly, when I took off the cloak again, the blonde boy gave me on our way from the party to my place.
Of course he walked me home. I was flustered by it and I was way too curious, to actually let this chance pass by.
I felt so good being near him, felt so right flirting with him and it was just too nice, how he treated me and I really, really didn’t want to lose that.
“Thank you.”
I smiled and looked at the house of my parents, checking if lights were still on, or if they eventually went to sleep already.
The Phantom smiled, before he pulled the coat around me again to pull me closer to him.
I clutched on the shirt he was wearing when his hot breath hit my face, before I felt his lips on mine and closed my eyes.
He kissed me softly, tenderly… lovingly.

“I’m Wu Yi Fan, but my friends call me Kris.”
He pulled down his mask slowly and revealed one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen.
He was way more good looking than the guy I looked up to before… he had a foreign touch in his features and… just this effect which made you stare at him in awe – what I did. Obviously.
My cheeks started to burn, when I saw how a grin plastered on his face and he started to caress my cheeks again.
“And I knew your name because your friends kept calling you, when you zoomed out during the game… But to be honest…”
He laughed shyly and I didn’t know why, but it was the first time, that it was kind of nice to have a rather awkward situation.
“I want to know more of you, Tao… How about I pick you up on Sunday?”
He was still holding my hand and swung it slightly.
“I’d love to!” I blurted out, blushed hard and tried to raise my hands to my mouth, but Kris was still holding one of it and intertwined our fingers.
He smiled at me and I smiled back insecure.
“OK. I’ll pick you up at 1pm then.”


A/N I uploaded this the first time on AFF June 10th 2013.
It has basically been a year since then so I can't really say anything about the writing and stuff since it's been soo long.
I still thought it was about time to upload it.
There is a sequel I'm still writing on to that which is even chaptered so maybe you can look forward to that.
Originally it was for that writing contest, too but I just joined the contest with the other two oneshots and didn't win anything whatsoever.
The prompt I used:
Character A likes someone, so their friends attempt to lock both of them in a closet together,
however, they mistook character A's crush for someone else, and now he's stuck with a stranger.

I know it has been forever since my last update. I apologize for that.
I'll try better from now on. (๑•́ ω •̀๑)


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