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Title: Just Friends
Band: B.A.P
Rating: R
Pairing: Bang Yongguk/Himchan
Genre: smut, romance
Length: oneshot;  3867words
Warning: English is not my native language & this is my first English smut.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot & formulations.
Summary: Bang Yongguk is everything Himchan ever dreamed of. He always was and he'll be forever.

The flat smelled new and like fresh color, as if they just moved in.
It was neat and most of the walls were blank. Himchan remembered that Yongguk never was a big fan of too much decoration.
He loved art, but that wasn’t the same.
“I never thought we’d end up in that place again…”
He smiled and strolled through the dark living room. Guk hummed approving before he slung his arms around the black haired man in front of him.
“I was surprised I got the same flat that I lived in all the years ago too…”
His voice was raspy, like always and it made a shiver went down the ulzzang’s spine in pleasure and excitement.
It has always been like that. Even when they still were friends and yet after they became just friends again.

Just friends.
He panted - his voice a tint softer than the blonde’s one when the other’s hot lips met the sensitive skin of his neck.
He closed his eyes and stretched his neck in joy, leaving just more place and more skin to caress.
Just friends.
“Gukkie.” He whispered when he turned around to be met with the intensive glare the named shot him, before he leaned in closer to his touch and circled his arms around the strong neck of his former, years-ago-lover before they pressed their lips against each other, started kissing passionately.
The taller man grabbed his opponent’s waist and lifted him up so that Himchan was able to wrap his legs around him when they kissed again.
Rougher, more passionately until the latter gasped in surprise when he felt the flat wall he was pressed against at his back.
Just friends.
He let out a frustrated groan. Yongguk chuckled watching him how he tried to open the shirt the blonde was wearing, whilst his own fingers crawled up Himchan’s stomach already underneath his t-shirt.
“Why do you need to wear such fancy clothes…? It takes forever to get rid of them…” Himchan blew one of his hair stands out of his face when he finally managed to open the shirt of his opponent. He removed it slowly from Yongguk’s shoulders placing butterfly kisses on the bare chest.
He loved how the manly, tall man shivered almost sensitive when he touched the skin with his lips; he loved how he could feel him stiffen under his touch, just as he did when Yongguk traced his fingers down secret parts of his body.

Just friends… that was, what they were when they met the first time.
They were just friends until they aroused that special spark inside the other’s chest.
They fell for each other. Friends became close friends became lovers.
Incredible lovers, how Himchan thought and though they separated later again and returned to be friends, just friends the black haired knew, that the spark inside of his chest didn’t die. He still loved him. He still loved Yongguk with his entire heart. With all his body, all his heart and soul.
And Guk reciprocated his feelings. At least his body did.
There were no words spoken, they weren’t in need for words. They just needed each other right now.

Yongguk placed him down on soft sheets and Himchan knew that they had to be in the other’s bedroom now.
“You treat me like a princess again…” He chuckled and Yongguk grinned as he sat down next to him.
“If that is what you think princesses get treated like… our imagination differs a lot, babe.”
The black haired started to grin too before he slung his arms around the other and pulled him closer, snatching his opponent’s lips with his own.
The blonde crept closer and bended over the younger man, caressing the flat naked chest with his fingers in a tender manner. Then he reached the cute spots on it and rubbed over them.
He knew how much Himchan liked it when he teased him like that though he’d mewl and sulk, claiming the opposite.
He stiffened and here he went the first thin sigh leaving his throat.
Yongguks gummy-smile plastered over his face, but it had something dirty indeed when he watched how the beautiful body squirmed under his touch and his princess started panting rather heavily before he was interrupted in his teasing game by the black haired himself who suddenly sat up and grinned at him, furrowing his brows in a seductive way.
“Let me treat you like a princess should treat his prince…”
He chuckled when he recognized the fire in his friend’s eyes.
They changed positions and Himchan sat down on the other’s knees stroking the bare strong chest with his hands, trailing down to his belly and even lower until he reached the belt.
His lips followed soon and he stuck his tongue out, inserting it in the other’s navel when he started fiddling around with the pants.

“… to be honest you are more like a king to me.”
Himchan’s hot breath hit Yongguks wet skin and he shivered excited. These words just made his blood boil faster than the sole look of this black haired beauty on his lap already did and he had to admit it was a damn good feeling to actually know in advance what was going to happen. He knew that hungry look in the other’s eyes and he knew just how astonishing awesome it was going to be if Himchan really planned to pleasure him like that.
He felt how his pants were opened and pulled down and he took the chance to take off his socks as well. It was an odd feeling to still wear them…
He watched the other who chuckled before he crept over Guk once again and started to spread kisses on the other’s pelvic bones.
Himchan wasn’t too shy and knew what he wanted right now.
He actually couldn’t really say why, but suddenly he was so hungry for Yongguk. So hungry for more that he couldn’t actually voice this need. There was no way in Heaven, hell or on Earth how he could find words for his heart’s deepest desire.
He missed Bang Yongguk. He really had missed him all the years, but he was a happy, silly guy. He didn’t thought he’d be able to turn serious and say all that though Bang was one of the few persons in his life who always had been able to look through his mask of goofiness and cheeky comments. He didn’t thought he could tell him how much he missed and needed him all the time.
Not with words.

A low growl escaped the older’s throat when he felt the wet, hot tongue around his member. It felt sudden for him but he couldn’t deny he was waiting for that since Himchan had started to stroke him through his boxers, already sending sparks of pleasure through his body with that.
He could see how Himchan paused to glance up to him. The black haired had started to use his hand too, stroking the base of him gently while his tongue teased the tip of him and Yongguk felt how his mouth got dry, his blood rushing loudly in his ears on his way down to the middle of his body.
It was incredible sexy to see his friend like that, especially when he looked up at him while his mouth almost swallowed his cock eagerly before he started to bob his head up and down. At first slowly, still working the magic with his tongue but soon enough his moves got faster and sloppier his wet muscle still wiping around his manhood.
It was awesome how he sucked him and Yongguk had to bar himself from fucking Himchan’s face.
It wasn’t that hard anymore after he found the perfect way to distract his fingers.
Himchan was bending over him in such a seductive manner now that the blonde could already see the butt dimples on his soft skin and the waistband of his shorts. He couldn’t resist letting his fingers touch them, crawling under the cloth.
Himchan moaned faint when Yongguk started to grope his butt, sending vibrations down the hot flesh in his mouth.

They both just knew too well how to please the other and Himchan had to admit he was surprised how bloodily well the other still knew his body… since he was a bit picky – even about sex.
He mewled approving when he got undressed completely by his opponent but remained on top of him. He had a definite idea how he wanted things ought to be.
They kissed while the black haired boy sat down on the other’s lap and moaned when their erected members collided. It was a tingling feeling that rushed through their bodies.
Himchan grinned before he kissed the other again. And again.
Yongguk stroke his sides and his back lovingly, knowing how it turned his opponent on to be touched like that while the younger started to grind on his lap, creating another sensation that literally showered them both in pleasure.

Himchan didn’t know when and how the blonde reached to get the lube from the inside of his night stand, but he didn’t care anymore once he felt the sticky liquid on other sensitive parts of his body.
He panted loud and closed his eyes when Yongguk’s fingers started to massage his closing muscle.
He felt his tongue wiping over his dry lips once more before he felt the first finger insert in him.
Himchan pressed his lips together and heaved a shaky sigh.
He rested his forehead against the blonde one’s and cling to the latter’s shoulders feeling how the other started to move his digit inside of him before another finger joined the first and the blonde prepared him.
The black haired was moved and surprised at the same time how lovingly and tenderly the big fingers moved, how careful Yongguk was though they both could feel clearly how incredible turned on he already was.

After he worked his way with three fingers Himchan already got impatient himself and started to grope the other’s member teasingly what finally made his ex-lover snap out of his trance.
He grinned, understanding the signal.
“Come on, Babe. Lie down…”
But Himchan refused: “No. I want to do it like that…”
Their eyes met for a moment and the black haired tried to suppress another faint sigh, because that look in the other’s eyes turned his whole world upside down and even increased the excited tingling inside of him.
Bang obeyed. He sat down properly after he pulled on a condom, then he started to trail his fingers down and up the other’s sides again making the young man in his arms shiver even more in excitement then he already did.
Himchan lowered himself slowly on the other’s member and pressed his eyes and lips close for a few seconds. It still was all sticky from lube and they overcame opposition fast but for Himchan it still felt always as it was his first time. Of course it didn’t hurt so badly but the first seconds were definitely not his favorites though.
He gasped for air and panted heavily, holding on the others neck now, which he circled his arms around once he buried all of Yongguk inside himself.
He drew up his knees to ease the strange feeling inside of him, what made him cling to the other even more than before.
Yongguk stroke his hair and whispered sweet nothings to sooth the other and it helped.

They stayed in this position for a few more moments just enjoying the other’s presence. It might have appeared strange to do this in exactly this situation for others, but Himchan and Yongguk both knew that it was just alright like that. The both just knew when they needed the other, what they needed and for Himchan it really felt like magic. It was incredible to feel this after all these years, to feel like one with the person he loved the most, to be one again with the love of his life.

They looked into each other’s eyes again before he slowly started to move on the other, parting from him a bit before he let the other thrust inside of him once again.
Shiver after shiver went down his spine and when his pace got faster the feeling got better and better until he could feel how Yongguk held his waist to thrust in him from below, literally vibrating wildly in him and the latter just encouraged him with his moans which grow louder and throatier with every thrust. It was like music in the blonde’s ears. It was pure pleasure to his eyes, seeing how Himchan threw back his head, whispering his name in lust, seeing his beautiful body stretching in ecstasy, his soft skin, coated with a thin layer of sweat what made him look even tastier to the man. It all felt so right for him that he sincerely asked himself why for Heaven’s sake they fell apart years ago. He would have asked himself, but his brain was way too clouded with passion and lust that it was already hard for him not getting carried away.
He didn’t want to hurt Himchan.

They shifted slightly and the black haired started to ride the other.
While Yongguk was fighting to not get carried away Himchan was long gone. He just enjoyed himself on this masterpiece of manhood. Only when Guk brushed that secret spot in him he got back to reality for a second, gasping loudly before he made the other do it again, hitting the spot, penetrating him, making him jerk and almost scream in pure pleasure that was rushing through his body numbing every cell of it.
His body was shivering in ecstasy, but he didn’t care when the man below him removed himself from him to switch positions.
Yongguk made him lay down comfortable, spreading his legs and positioning himself before he entered him again, shoving himself up all the way before he started moving, thrusting passionately. His pace got fast, then again slower and his thrust deeper before he moved faster again. He made Himchan melt under him, unable to do anything than whispering the other’s name in-between his loud moans when he started to close his fingers around the younger’s throbbing member as well.
He started to stroke him, teasing him mercilessly in the same pace as his thrust.
It was obvious that he wanted them both to get to their end together and they weren’t that far from it anymore.
Himchan was nothing more but a moaning mess. He begged for more with a shaky voice and Yongguk was ready to give him everything he wanted.
They moved with and against each other, completed each other, melted. They perfected each other in that moment until their orgasm hit them and Yongguk and Himchan died away in each other’s arms. The sound of their heavy breath was everything that disturbed the silence, which lingered between them.

Himchan panted silently when he felt how Bang broke loose from him. He felt how the taller stood up, but he kept calm. He trusted Yongguk and he knew that he’d be right back to clean him up a bit.
He couldn’t help, but smiled. He knew the other so well… still after all these days, weeks… after all these years.
He just knew that Yongguk would pull him in an embrace and drive his fingers through his dark hair and he knew that he’d be already sleepy and how he loved to snuggle up afterwards…
And that is what happened. A few minutes later he found himself nuzzled into the other’s naked chest, Yongguk caressing his cheeks lovingly until he felt a soft pair of lips on his head.
“Can I keep you?”
Himchan blinked though he understood every single word. A blush crept on his face and his stomach started to tingle excited. “Of course you can… I’m your princess.”
He chuckled faint and so did Yongguk until he took Himchans chin and lifted it up a bit so their eyes could meet.
“I love you, Kim Himchan.”
The black haired boy’s stomach started to tingle even more and it felt as if his whole belly was about to explode, but he couldn’t do anything but smile.
He smiled with all his heart and soul.
“I love you too…” He whispered.
Yongguk hummed satisfied and pulled his now-again-lover in his embrace. He was obviously sleepy.
Himchan laughed.
“I still wonder what happened that you suddenly came back after all these years… back to the town where we met. Back to me to tell me that you love me?”
The blonde smiled until he began to grumble – half asleep already: “It’s a long story, Baby. I’ll tell you tomorrow…”
Himchan left it at that.

When he woke up the next morning the sun was already shining through the window… so it rather was noon already.
Himchan sat up – carefully to not wake his lover.
The first second he had been confused where on Earth he was but as soon as he saw the face of his opponent all the memories turned back and he couldn’t help himself but started to smile.
He looked around, still dreamy until he decided to get up and take a shower. They didn’t wash up the night and though Yongguk cleaned him with a soft towel he felt sticky and he didn’t like it like that.
A hand grabbed his wrist when he finally managed to climb over the blonde man without waking him up – he failed.
“Channie...” a tired Yongguk murmured and the named just chuckled and caressed his face.
“I just want to take a short shower…”
Bang yawned and stretched.
“Then I’ll get up and make you some coffee…”
Again it was the black haired who chuckled when he stood up from the bed and strolled through the room to pick up his clothes.
Yongguk who barely had opened his eyes before suddenly had eyes like saucers.
“Yah! Kim Himchan! Get dressed before you run around here!”
But the younger just stuck out his tongue.
“Don’t pretend you don’t like what you see!”

He giggled when Yongguk just rolled his eyes before he stood up and he slipped into the bathroom.
He turned on the light and sighed pleased. Himchan searched for a towel, but froze when he saw something in the corner of his eyes.
He turned around, looking at the mirror and the red letters of lipstick that were scribbled on it.


His surprise yielded confusion, followed by sadness and range.
“Bang fucking Yongguk!”
His voice boomed through the flat and the blonde man whirled around just to be hit in the face with a towel.
His lover was wearing another around his body but the glares that tried to stab him distracted from this incredibly hot figure – a lot.
“You… you cheated on your wife!? You are married!? Fuck! Why did I… you just used me! Do you really think I’m your slut!?”
The words blurted out and his voice broke, he got weak in his knees.
Yongguk could see the pain in the other’s eyes, could see how his opponent tried desperately to hold back his tears.
He just stared at him but it broke his heart. How did the black haired know? He didn’t even wear his wedding ring anymore.

“Baby… please! Let me explain….”
“Explain? What? Why you fucked me when you thought of her?!”
Himchan didn’t try to hold his tears back anymore. He knew that Bang knew how much he loved him, how blindly he loved him. He just cried out loud, ranted over the blonde who stood just opposite of him. The blonde tried to embrace him but he pushed him away though he could barely stand. All this was carrying him off his feet.
Then Bang Yongguks patience ended.
He slammed his hand against the wall next to his black haired boyfriend who jerked in shock.
“Kim Himchan! Just keep quiet and let me explain! Please!”
He begged and Himchan could see that even his strong, manly heartthrob was close to tears himself.
“Please… just listen…” He whispered.
“We are getting divorced. I was married for two and a half years now, but I don’t love her and she cheated on me with three of my co-workers. I just love you. You have to believe me. Please. You are everything I have… I don’t want to lose you again, Himchan…”

The black haired gulped silently before he sat down on the kitchen table and Bang sighed too. He seemed to be calmer again so he continued to speak: “When I left you three years ago… it wasn’t only because of the firm of my father, but because they engaged me. Back then… I didn’t dare to fight back and I have no words to describe how much I regret it ever since. But… though we were miles apart I just couldn’t stop thinking of you. Three years long. I dreamed of you, used your name when I talked to her… I thought I’d go nuts. I don’t know how you found out about my ex-wife, but you have to know that I left her, because I love you. You have to know that I came back, because I missed you.”
Silence. The blonde sighed frustrated and tugged on his hair.
“Gosh! I still remember what you wore when we first met. How you talked about a Comedian you saw in a TV show the night before… I still know that it was Thursday after lunch and you passed a goofy comment about my shirt… it was buttoned up the wrong way and you thought my shoes wouldn’t fit the color of my belt. But I just stared at you, because it was then when I met the most beautiful person in my whole life…”

Himchan didn’t dare to look at him for a long time.
They just stood there in silence until the younger spoke up again: “Do you know what the problem is…?” He sighed deeply and ruffled his hair.
“Aish! I just cannot not forgive you. I’m disappointed, because you never told me about that, but on the other hand I’m so happy that you are here with me and that you came back and that you love me… I don’t know. I just can’t stay away from you… I’m willing to forgive you, Yongguk. Although your ex wrote I’m a slut… she scribbled on your mirror with lipstick.”
Yongguk sighed and a wryly smile crept on his face.
“I knew she shouldn’t get the second key…” He murmured, but then he sighed and laid his forehead against Himchans.
“I love you.”
Himchan grinned. “So…. We’re no longer just friends?”
Yongguk replied with his gummy-smile, while he circled his arms around the pale body on the table.
“We never were just friends, Baby…”
You always were everything I ever wanted.


A/N: Banghim is my absolute fave OTP in B.A.P... and yeah. I don't know exactly anymore how I ended up writing that but let's be honest. It's so much easier to read smut than to write it....
Originally it was for that contest, I mentioned in my last oneshot "All The Way Home" too and was inspired by this prompt: Two friends meet up after years apart, but character A is still in love with the other, whilst character B is already married.
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